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Regular Meeting Knoxville Water Works Board of Trustees May 9, 2017 The Board of Trustees of the Knoxville Water Works met in regular session at 5:30 p.m. on May 9, 2017 at the Water Works office. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Merle Vickroy, with Trustees Dwight Sommar and Kathy Caviness present. Trustee Sommar motioned and Caviness seconded to approve the agenda as presented. Roll Call- AYES: Vickroy, Sommar, Caviness NAYS: None A motion was made by Sommar and seconded by Caviness to approve the Consent Agenda items as follows: 1. Approval of the minutes of the April 11, 2016 regular Board Meeting. 2. Approval of the audited claims. 3. Approval of the financial reports for April. Summary of receipts for April- Operating Funds = $ 129,052.93 Trust Funds = 1,500.00 130,552.93 Summary of disbursements for April- Operating Funds = $ 178,019.22 Trust Funds = 650.00 178,669.22 Roll Call- AYES: Vickroy, Sommar, Caviness NAYS: None After review of roofing contractors for the Membrane Roof Replacement Project for the Treatment Plant, Trustee Caviness motioned to hire Hopkins Roofing. Trustee Sommar provided a second. Roll Call- AYES: Vickroy, Sommar, Caviness NAYS: None Chairman Vickroy announced now is the time and place for a public hearing for the 2017 132nd Place Water Main&Raw Main Replacement Project. Filing of affidavits was 4/27/17. Under written comments there were none. Under oral comments. Motion by Trustee Caviness and seconded by Trustee Sommar to close the hearing. Roll Call- AYES: Vickroy, Sommar, Caviness NAYS: None After consideration, Trustee Caviness motioned to approve the contract, bonds, certificate of insurance and estimate of cost with KMA Trucking&Excavation as the contractor for the project. Trustee Sommar seconded. Roll Call- AYES: Vickroy, Sommar, Caviness NAYS: None After review and discussion, Trustee Sommar motioned to adopt Resolution 2017-3 ÒRESOLUTION ADOPTING A SCHEDULE OF EMPLOYEE BASE COMPENSATION.Ó Trustee Caviness seconded. Roll Call- AYES: Vickroy, Sommar, Caviness NAYS: None The General Manager reported to the Board on operational and personnel issues. Trustee Caviness made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Trustee Sommar seconded. Roll Call- AYES: Vickroy, Sommar, Caviness NAYS: None Merle Vickroy Chairman Attest: Brian W. Bailey Secretary and General Manager CLAIMS FOR PAYMENT Stacy Phanhamath-$71.25; Payroll-$5,419.69; EFTPS-$2,503.28; ICMA-$1,430.00; City of Knoxville-$72,680.15; Mediacom-$82.90; Payroll-$5,403.76; ICMA-$1,430.00; Great Southern Bank-$39.66; ICMA-$1,430.00; Great Southern Bank-$76.65; Terrance Baines-$167.68; Tonya Cecil-$10.31; City of Knoxville-$3307.63; Delta Dental-$238.47; PLIC-SBD Grand Island-$117.43; Employee Benefit Systems-$5,661.95; Great Southern Bank-$47.11; Rhonda Geery-$200.00; Knoxville Postmaster-$1,093.26; City of Knoxville-$123,324.05; IPERS-$4,042.21; Iowa Department of Revenue-$1,247.00; Iowa Department of Revenue-$4,816.00; Payroll-$5,347.24; ICMA-$1,430.00; EFTPS-$2,485.61; Alliant Energy-$63.49; BrownÕs Sanitation-$50.00; Chris McKay-$75.00; Cintas Corporation-$95.82; Compass Business Solutions-$2,228.00; Evinger Construction, Inc.-$5,365.40; Grainger-$788.86; Hawkins, Inc.-$5,457.70; HD Supply Waterworks Ltd.-$2,300.00; Iowa One Call-$101.10; JetCo Inc.-$1,922.05; Keystone Labs-$126.50; Knoxville Farm&Home-$131.56; Knoxville True Value-$55.99; Mediacom-$82.90; MidAmerican Energy-$6,778.52; Municipal Supply Inc.-$831.30; NAPA-$45.11; OÕReilly Automotive Inc.-$64.71; Oskaloosa Herald&Shopper-$405.82; Pollard Water-$70.87; Romar Auto Parts-$2.58; Tyler Technologies-$10,422.39; US Cellular-$97.02; USA Blue Book-$568.78; Veenstra&Kimm Inc.-$8,004.17; Vessco Inc.-$407.02; VickÕs Repair-$3,641.40; Wash-ƒclair-$25.00; Wells Fargo Bank-$58.77; Wex Bank-$529.34; Windstream-$166.21
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PostedMay 18, 2017