NOTICE OF FORFEITURE OF REAL ESTATE CONTRACT TO: Marvel Lynn James, Single; Estate of Marvel Lynn James; Shane Gall and Shawn James and any other heirs at law of Marvel Lynn James You and each of you are hereby notified: The written Contract dated September 15, 2009 and executed by Leighton State Bank as Vendor and Marvel Lynn James, single, as Vendee recorded on January 28, 2010 in the office of the Marion County Recorded at Book 2010, Page 361 and as modified by Modification of Real Estate Contract between the Vendor and the Vendee dated December 3, 2014 and recorded December 9, 2014 in the office of the Marion County Recorder at Book 2014, Page 4912 for the sale of the following described real estate: Part of the SW 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of Section 10, Township 75 North, Range 18 West of the 5th P.M., described as follows: Beginning at a point 40 rods North of the Southwest corner of the NW 1/4 thereof, thence East to the South line of the Railroad right-of-way, thence in a Northwesterly direction along said South line of said right-of-way to the West line of said Section, thence south to the place of beginning. Has not been complied with in the following particulars: Installment payment due December 1, 2016 $ 450.00 Installment payment due January 1, 2017 $ 450.00 Installment payment due February 1, 2017 $ 450.00 Installment payment due March 1, 2017 $ 450.00 TOTAL $ 1,800.00 The Contract shall stand forfeited unless the parties in default, within 30 days after the completed service of this Notice, shall perform the terms and conditions in default, and in addition pay the reasonable costs of serving this Notice. The amount of attorney fees claimed by the Vendor pursuant to Section 656.7 of the Code of Iowa is $50.00. Payment of the attorney fees is not required to comply with this Notice in order to prevent forfeiture. LEIGHTON STATE BANK VENDOR Randall C. Stravers, Attorney ICIS PIN No.: ATT 00076666 110 North Market Oskaloosa, IA 52577
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PostedMarch 16, 2017