NOTICE OF FORFEITURE OF REAL ESTATE CONTRACT TO: Richard P. Heck, 510 E. Monroe Street, Pleasantville, IA 50225 AND Parties in Possession, 510 E. Monroe Street, Pleasantville, IA 50225 You and each of you are hereby notified: (1) The written Real Estate Contract Ð Installments dated the July 20, 2013 and filed of record on October 10, 2013, in Book 2013 at Page 5239 of the Marion County RecorderÕs Office, and executed by Samann L.C., as Seller, and Richard P. Heck and Stephanie Ann Heck, as Buyer (the ÒReal Estate ContractÓ) for the sale of the following legally described real estate: Lot 2 in Block 27 in JordanÕs Addition to the Town of Pleasantville, Marion County, Iowa, and locally known as 510 E. Monroe Street, Pleasantville, Iowa 50225 (the ÒPropertyÓ) has not been complied with in the following particulars: Unpaid amount of installment payments $3,522.00 ($612.00 monthly installment due 1st day of each month for October 2016 through March 2017, less partial payment received in the amount of $150.00) Total $3,522.00 (2) The Real Estate Contract shall stand forfeited unless the parties in default, within 30 days after the completed service of this notice, shall perform the terms and conditions in default, and in addition pay the reasonable costs of serving this notice. (3) The amount of attorney fees claimed by the Seller pursuant to Section 656.7 of the Code of Iowa is $50.00 (not to exceed $50.00). Payment of the attorney fees is not required to comply with this notice in order to prevent forfeiture. (4) The attorney for Samann L.C. is Jonathon L. Schroeder, whose address is 2605 Northridge Parkway, Ames, IA 50010, Phone (515) 288-2500, Fax (515) 246-0654 IMPORTANT YOU ARE ADVISED TO SEEK LEGAL ADVICE AT ONCE TO PROTECT YOUR INTERESTS. May 4, 2017 Date of Third Publication
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PostedApril 20, 2017