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Minutes of A Regular Monthly Meeting Board of Directors of the Knoxville Community School District May 8, 2017 AGENDA: I.Call to Order by President Schmidt The meeting was called to order by President Schmidt at 5:31 p.m. II.Oath of Office for New Board Member Board Secretary Mobley gave the oath of office to new school board member Vickie Reed. III.Roll Call&Determination of Quorum Present: Van Donselaar, Reed, Moats, Helle, Schmidt Absent: None IV.Approval of Agenda / Conflict of Interest Moats made a motion to approve the agenda as modified by moving all hirings to a separate agenda item, seconded by Van Donselaar. Motion carried unanimously. No conflict of interest items were noted. V.Consider Consent Agenda A.Meeting Minutes 1.Minutes of April 24, 2017 Regular Meeting B.Financial Statements/Student Activity Fund - April 2017 C.Bills for Approval since April 10, 2017, presented May 8, 2017 D.Personnel Recommendations 1.Resignations a)Accept the resignation of Troy Pearson as the assistant varsity girls basketball coach 2.Transfers a)Approve the transfer of Amanda Hudson from high school language arts teacher to high school academic success teacher beginning with the 2017-2018 school year b)Approve the transfer of Julieanne Rogowski from middle school language arts teacher to high school language arts teachers beginning with the 2017-2018 school year 3.Volunteer a)Approve Danielle Miller as a volunteer middle school softball coach E.Contracts/Agreements 1.UNI Cooperative Agreement for Student Teachers 2.Luther College Cooperative Agreement for Student Teachers 3.Pella CSD Sharing Agreement 4.Indianola Swim Agreement Helle made a motion to approve all consent agenda items, seconded by Moats. Motion carried unanimously. VI.Hirings A.Moats made a motion to approve the hiring of Mikayla Heath as a high school spanish teacher beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, seconded by Van Donselaar. Motion carried unanimously B.Helle made a motion to approve the hiring of Kellie Keefer as the football and basketball cheerleading co-sponsor and the hiring of Natasha Boosalis as the football and wrestling co-sponsor beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, seconded by Moats. AYES - Helle, Moats, Reed NAYS - Van Donselaar Abstain - Schmidt. Motion carried.? VII.Communications A.Correspondence 1.The board reviewed information on the 2015-2016 civil rights data collection, 2016-2017 desk audit, May edition of the Panther Press, the most recent edition of the Iowa Department of Education School Leader update, and the Iowa Association of School Boards school board fact sheet. B.Public Comments 1.None VIII.Reports The board reviewed the monthly reports from the middle school, the high school, and Superintendent. IX.Unfinished Business A.None X.New Business A.Presentation Elementary Literacy Initiatives&Programs Cindy Jergens and Kim Collins presented information about elementary literacy initiatives and programs. B.Presentation of Washington D.C. Trip Jim Uitermarkt, Angie Uitermarkt, Josalin McKeever, Bailey Parks, Brandon White, and Brady Pearson presented about the recent eighth grade trip to Washington D.C. C.Consider Publication of Proposed 2016-2017 Budget Amendment and Set Public Hearing on Budget Amendment Helle made a motion to approve the proposed 2016-2017 budget amendment for publication and set a public hearing for the proposed 2016-2017 budget amendment for May 22, 2017, at 5:30 p.m. at 309 West Main, Knoxville, IA 50138, seconded by Moats. Motion carried unanimously. D.Consider 2017-2018 School Fees Van Donselaar made a motion to approve the 2017-2018 school fees as presented, seconded by Moats. Motion carried unanimously. E.Consider Student Requests/Trips 1.FFA Trip Request Moats made a motion to approve the FFA trip request as presented, seconded by Van Donselaar. Motion carried unanimously. 2.Science Club Trip Request Helle made a motion to approve the science club trip as requested, seconded by Moats. Motion carried unanimously. 3.Washington, D.C. 8th Grade 2018 Trip Moats made a motion to approve the preliminary plans for the 2018 8th grade Washington D.C. trip, seconded by Van Donselaar. Motion carried unanimously. XI.Announcements A.Dates to Remember 1.May 9 Teacher Appreciation Day 2.May 10 School Nurse Appreciation Day 3.May 10 Kindergarten Parent Meeting 4.May 12 West Track&Field Day 5.May 15 POPS Concert 6.May 16 All School Band Concert 7.May 17 Scholarship Night 8.May 18 KMS Vocal Concert B.Items to be placed on the agenda of the May 22 Meeting 1.Presentation on Nashville Band Trip 2.Public Hearing on Budget Amendment 3.Consider Proposed Budget Amendment 4.Consider Home School Assistance Program 5.Consider List of Graduates XII.Adjournment The meeting adjourned at 7:05 p.m. Board President Board Secretary Knoxville Community School District Vendor Name Amount ABC PEST CONTROL 340.35 AGRILAND FS, INC. 7,054.71 ALAN TUCKER TRUCKING 701.16 ALLIANT ENERGY 362.26 APPLE INC. 1,549.90 ASSETGENIE, INC. 390.00 AUTO-JET MUFFLER CORP. 41.04 BROWN SANITATION 1,010.00 BRUENING ROCK 48.06 CENTER FOR RESPONSIVE SCHOOLS 5,103.00 CINTAS CORPORATION 75.38 COAST HARDWARE 23.12 CONTINENTAL RESEARCH CORPORATION 3,989.64 CROWN AWARDS 138.99 D&K PRODUCTS 6,205.74 DES MOINES AREA COMMUNITY COLLEGE 50.00 DUNKIN, BRENDA 56.71 EDJE TECHNOLOGIES 185.00 EDVOTEK, INC. 392.00 GRAINGER 227.10 GREASE TRAP CLEANERS, THE 75.00 GREEN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, INC., 45.00 Heffron, Genni 24.00 Hermsen, Melissa 24.00 Hummel, Bryan J. 700.00 HY-VEE ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE 980.63 INDIAN HILLS COMMUNITY COLLEGE 322.50 IOWA ONE CALL 27.90 IOWA TESTING PROGRAMS 10,919.97 J.W. PEPPER&SON, INC. 56.99 JMC COMPUTER SERVICE INC 200.00 JOSTENS 77.89 KNOXVILLE FARM&HOME 124.91 KNOXVILLE TRUE VALUE 38.59 KRISS PRODUCTS, INC. 283.55 MACKIN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES 236.83 McCartney, Ben 121.00 MCCORKLE HARDWARE 686.50 MCCORKLE SEED&CHEMICAL, INC. 557.00 MCKIM TRACTOR SERVICE 32.88 MIDAMERICAN ENERGY 9,635.66 MIDWEST ALARM SERVICES 1,060.84 NORSOLV SYSTEMS ENVIRONMENTAL 285.40 O'HALLORAN INTERNATIONAL, INC. 59.98 O'REILLY AUTO PARTS 49.63 OFFICE DEPOT 1,185.40 OSKALOOSA HERALD 395.21 PAYMENT REMITTANCE CENTER 6,839.40 Pearson, Tyler 227.10 PITNEY BOWES GLOBAL FINANCIAL SVCS 307.88 PLUMB SUPPLY COMPANY 195.77 Pogue, Bobbie 350.00 QUILL CORPORATION 372.58 RAMAEKER ENTERPRISES, INC. 50.00 RICK'S COMPUTERS, INC. 1,120.00 RIEMAN MUSIC EAST 85.00 RISE VISION 4.00 SCHOOL SPECIALTY 918.69 SHERWIN - WILLIAMS 271.44 SPAHN&ROSE LUMBER CO. 512.37 STORM, TERESA 534.78 SUPPLYWORKS 4,277.05 TIM'S AUTOGLASS 400.00 U.S. BANK EQUIPMENT FINANCE 8,192.86 WASH-ECLAIR 35.00 WHITLATCH, DENISE 306.02 WOODRIVER ENERGY LLC 6,342.46 YOUTH FRONTIERS, INC. 2,250.00 IOWA WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT 13.19 MIDAMERICA ADMIN.& RETIREMENT 51,009.45 BENNETT, MONICA 26.25 HILAND DAIRY 4,914.73 HOBART SERVICE 29.28 HY-VEE ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE 103.37 KECK INC. 783.47 MARTIN BROS DISTRIBUTING CO INC 34,314.10 Moore, Melinda 4.70 PAYMENT REMITTANCE CENTER 370.68 RAPIDS 1,056.10 SIEMENS INDUSTRY, INC. 1,120.94 Versteeg, Joan 5.75 ALBIA COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL 70.00 ALICIC, ELVIR 95.00 ALL-AMERICAN TIMING 1,000.00 Baker, Nyan 10.00 BEACON ATHLETICS 414.00 BLAZEVIC, DARKO 170.00 BOB ROGERS TRAVEL 8,352.00 BONDURANT-FARRAR HIGH SCHOOL 90.00 BRYAN, SEAN 75.00 CARLISLE HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETICS 350.00 CENTERVILLE HIGH SCHOOLĂ• 125.00 CHARITON HIGH SCHOOL ACTIVITIES 150.00 CLARKE HIGH SCHOOL 80.00 COOK, JEFF 100.00 D&S GROCERY 36.00 DANNCO, INC. 2,278.70 ELMER, JIM 95.00 FAREWAY 104.62 FORT MADISON HS 150.00 Garrison, Keri 800.00 GOOD SIGN 174.24 GRINNELL HIGH SCHOOL 200.00 Hanna, Mary 352.00 HELD, ERIC 142.50 HINGL, JOE 190.00 HULSE, BILL 95.00 INDIAN HILLS COMMUNITY COLLEGE 63.75 INDIANOLA HS ATHLETICS 100.00 IOWA HIGH SCHOOL SPEECH 40.00 KCSD FOOD SERVICE 166.62 Kincaid, Kyle 165.00 KNIA-KRLS 175.90 KNOXVILLE BOOSTER CLUB 312.37 KNOXVILLE FARM&HOME 15.99 KNOXVILLE HOSPITAL& CLINICS 164.84 KNOXVILLE PIZZA HUT 126.00 MACKIN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES 63.11 MAHASKA BOTTLING CO. 471.08 MAY, DENNIS 95.00 MAY, PAUL 47.50 MCCARTHEY, TONY 95.00 MESSERSCHMITT ICE 225.00 METIER, JEROMY 142.50 Mick, Dylan 84.98 MORAVIA HIGH SCHOOL 125.00 NEWTON CSD 100.00 NEWTON HIGH SCHOOL 225.00 NORWALK HIGH SCHOOL 300.00 NORWALK MIDDLE SCHOOL 150.00 ORIENTAL TRADING CO., INC. 291.19 OSKALOOSA MS ATHLETIC DEPT 145.00 OSWALD, JOEL 125.00 PAYMENT REMITTANCE CENTER 1,729.28 PCM ATHLETICS 160.00 PEDERSON, KEVIN 125.00 PELLA ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT 60.00 PRESERVE ON RATHBUN LAKE, THE 605.00 R&H THEATRICALS 137.32 RAMAEKER ENTERPRISES, INC. 337.00 Rankin, Lynette 115.86 REIF, JEFF 190.00 Richardson, Ryan 232.00 RIEMAN MUSIC EAST 97.40 Robuck, Quinlan 30.00 Rump, Ryan 326.06 SAM'S CLUB DIRECT 340.85 SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIRS - 8 3,650.69 SNACK EXPRESS 187.20 SOCCER MASTER 496.09 STAPLEFORD, KEVIN 75.00 Streigle, Kaleb 50.00 STUMPS PARTY 833.65 TESDELL, LEE 95.00 THELEN, ROBERT 95.00 TSIRULNIKOV, EUGENE 95.00 UP 'N STITCHZ 1,986.00 UPS 239.25 VILLAGE CLEANERS 152.90 VISSER, JOSHUA 0.00 WARD, SHIRLEY 1,548.00 WARES, HELEN 327.00 WATTS, MARK 100.00 WORLD'S FINEST CHOCOLATE, INC. 1,560.00 MID-AMERICAN GLAZING SYSTEMS 10,380.10 PIPER JAFFRAY&CO. 1,000.00 PLUMB SUPPLY COMPANY 2,151.28 SUPPLYWORKS 3,293.05 VAN-WALL EQUIPMENT, INC. 16,829.44
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