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COUNCIL MINUTES February 6, 2018 The City Council of the City of Knoxville, Iowa convened in regular session Tuesday, February 6, 2018 at 6:15p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers. Mayor Brian Hatch presided and the following Council Members were present: Megan Suhr, Dylan Morse, Rick Kingery and James Lane. Staffs present were City Manager Aaron Adams, City Clerk Jodi Bellon, Police Chief Dan Losada, Fire Chief Jim Mitchell, and Assistant City Manager Heather Ussery. Mayor Hatch asked for Citizen/Public Comments regarding items not on the agenda. There were none. Motion by Kingery; second by Lane to approve the consent agenda as follows, all ayes. 1.Approve City Council Minutes of January 15, 2018 2.Accept Water Board Minutes of January 9, 2018 3.Accept Library Board Minutes of January 17, 2018 4.Approve Cigarette Effective January 15, 2018 for The Sweet Leaf 5.Approve Class C Liquor License for Pine Knolls Country Club 6.Approve Class C Beer Permit for Dollar General Store #3540 7.Approve Taxi Cab License for Darrel Stanton Effective 2/7/18 8.Accept Brooks Garden 2017 Financial Update 9.Approve December 2017 Financials Motion by Morse; second by Kingery to approve setting a public hearing for February 19, 2018 at 6:15 PM to approve FY 2018-19 budget; all ayes. Motion by Suhr; second by Lane to approve setting a public hearing for February 19, 2018 at 6:15 PM to approve plans, specifications, form of contract and estimate of cost for the Knoxville Public Library Expansion Project; all ayes. Motion by Lane; second by Morse to approve setting a public hearing for February 19, 2018 at 6:15 PM to approve a commercial development site plan at 861 W Bell Ave; all ayes. Motion by Suhr; second by Lane to approve plans for 2018 Sidewalk Rehab Project; all ayes. Motion by Lane; second by Suhr to approve resolution in support of the 3M Co Tape Manufacturing Division Plant Expansion; all ayes. Motion by Lane; second by Suhr to approve second consideration of an ordinance amending the code of ordinances of The City of Knoxville, Iowa by amending provisions pertaining to golf cart and off-road vehicle operations in the city; all ayes. Motion by Lane; second by Kingery to approve second consideration of an ordinance amending the code of ordinances of The City of Knoxville, Iowa by adding a new chapter regarding the use of golf carts and utility trail vehicles on city streets; all ayes. Motion by Suhr; second by Morse to approve payment of claims; all ayes. ABS SANITATION, MONTHLY SANITATION SERVICE 48.00 ALLIANT ENERGY, GAS SERVICE 351.11 ARTHUR J GALLAGHER&CO, 2018 GENERAL LIAB RENEWAL 1,900.00 COAST HARDWARE HANK, SUPPLIES 18.64 DISH NETWORK, MONTHLY SERVICE 125.18 KEUNING PLUMBING&HEATING, REPLACE CONNECTORS 405.75 KNOXVILLE AVIATION, OIL, FILTERS, LAWN MOWER FUEL 92.30 KNOXVILLE FARM&HOME INC, FURNACE FILTER - MERCY ONE 7.74 MC CLURE ENGINEERING CO, RUNWAY PROJECT 15/33 10,244.90 MIDAMERICAN ENERGY COMPANY, AIRPRT ELECTRIC SERVICE 55.87 RACEWAY TIRE&EXHAUST, BATTERY 96.46 SOUTH CENTRAL COOP, ICE MELT 86.00 AFLAC, AFLAC-ACC/PRE 310.13 COLLECTION SERVICES CENTER, CHILD SUPPORT 1,363.26 ICMA RETIREMENT TRUST, ICMA 1,030.39 MUNICIPAL FIRE&POLICE, MFPRSI 21,759.11 KNOXVILLE FIRE&RESCUE ASSC, FIRE DUES 65.28 CITY OF KNOXVILLE, SLF FND BEN-S 12,225.28 DELTA DENTAL OF IOWA, DELTA DENTAL 492.96 COLONIAL LIFE, COLONIAL LIFE 22.85 PLIC-SBD GRAND ISLAND, LIFE INSURANCE 743.12 EMPLOYEE BENEFIT SYSTEMS, PRE-TX FAM HLTH 25,244.70 ACCO UNLIMITED CORPORATION, CHLORINATING SOLUTION 1,892.40 ALLIANT ENERGY, 1301 E PLEASANT ST 8,724.33 AMERICAN WATER WORKS ASSOC, ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP - MURPHY 230.00 ARDENT LIGHTING LLC, INSTALL ELECTRICAL OUTLETS 279.52 AUDITOR OF STATE, AUDIT SERVICES FY2017 22,465.00 BOUND TREE MEDICAL LLC, 20 GALLON IV CATHETERS 289.99 CANON FINANCIAL SERVICES INC., COPIER LEASE 580.58 CENTRAL IOWA DISTRIBUTING INC, FACIAL TISSUE 227.80 CENTRAL IOWA FASTENERS, ASSORTED SUPPLIES 306.67 CIVICPLUS, WEBSITE RE- DESIGN 7,250.00 CRAIG GREENE, HOTEL REIMBURSEMENT 122.08 DIAMOND VOGEL PAINTS, PAINT GUN TIRE 108.00 DIGITAL ALLY INC, CHEST CAMERA 250.00 EMPLOYEE BENEFIT SYSTEMS, SAFE-T FUND REQUEST 6,810.35 EXCEL MECHANICAL CO INC, REZNOR HEATING UNIT 170.00 FEDERAL LICENSING, INC., FCC RULE BOOK 119.00 FIRE RECOVERY EMS, AUGUST RESCUE PAYMENTS 4,304.54 HESLINGA, DIXON&HITE, LEGAL SERVICES 502 E MAIN 1,063.80 IMFOA, ATHENIAN DIALOGUE 65.00 IOWA ASSOC BUILDING OFFICIALS , 2018 IRC/NEC TRAINING - GREENE 310.00 IOWA DEPT OF PUBLIC SAFETY, IA SYSTEM LINE CHARGE 1,380.00 IOWA LEAGUE OF CITIES, ECIC DUES 100.00 IOWA RADIO PLUS, MONTHLY INTERNET ADVERTISING 75.88 WINDSTREAM 8.27 JETCO, INC, FIX LIFTSTATION ALARM - LARSON 191.00 KARL CHEVROLET, 2018 TAHOE EQUIP&INTALL 9,901.34 KAY PARK-REC CORP, DOGIPOT - DOG PARK 485.00 KEYSTONE LABORATORIES INC, MONTHLY TESTING 1,247.80 KNIA KRLS INC, MONTHLY RADIO ADVERTISING 825.08 KNOXVILLE HOSPITAL&CLINICS MEDICATIONS 48.35 ROTARY CLUB OF KNOXVILLE, 2ND QTR DUES 315.00 KNOXVILLE WATER WORKS, SEWER RENT COLLECTION 4,166.67 DANIEL LAZARENKO, REIMBURSEMENT - SOCKET TRAY 19.98 MARION COUNTY AUDITOR, CITY ELECTION 7,102.82 MARION COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY, SEIZED DOG BOARDING/FEES 1,715.75 MEDICAP PHARMACY, EMPLOYEE FLU SHOTS 35.00 MENARDS, CEILING FIXTURE 40.95 MIDAMERICAN ENERGY COMPANY, 1703 E PLEASANT ST 14,843.41 MIDWEST OFFICE TECHNOLOGY INC, CONTRACT/SERVICE 33.00 MODERN MARKETING, 325 FRISBEES 845.04 CROSSROADS 5/92 NAPA, OIL FILTER 16.38 NORTHERN TOOL&EQUIPMENT CO, 360 PIECE TOOL SET 449.99 OFFICE DEPOT, METAL DESK SIGNS 66.84 PETTY CASH POLICE DEPT, TOBACCO COMPLIANCE CHECKS 120.49 RACEWAY TIRE&EXHAUST, SERVICE LABOR 797.76 TODD RICHARDS, PK TKT OVERPAYMENT #35427 10.00 ROMAR, OIL FILTER - CHEVY 5.84 SADLER SIGN&DESIGN, ENTERANCE SIGN - N&S 2,813.00 SECRETARY OF STATE, NOTARY APP - EYSINK 60.00 K&L THOMPSON, LLC, REPLACE STARTER A938 379.92 SNYDER&ASSOCIATES INC, 2018-19 STREET IMPROVEMENTS 16,163.63 SOUTHEASTERN EMERGENCY EQUIP, COMBAT TOURNIQUETS 238.59 SPAHN&ROSE LUMBER, 4X8X3/4 130.52 STUYVESANT,BENTON&JUDISCH, MONTHLY RETAINER 2,000.00 SUDS ENTERPRISES, LLC, 20 CAR WASH COUPONS 160.00 U OF I HOSPITAL&CLINICS, CPR CARD 9.00 UNITYPOINT CLINIC-, MEMBERSHIP DUES 60.00 US CELLULAR, HOT SPOTS 445.84 WEX BANK, POLICE 6,263.94 MASSMUTUAL, HARTFORD 63.86 IA PUBLIC EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT, IPERS - PROTECT 20,626.35 TREASURER STATE OF IOWA, STATE TAXES 9,800.00 IRS WITHHOLDING PAYMENTS, FED/FICA TAX 28,049.56 TOTAL ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES, FLEX- MEDICAL 1,136.12 TOTAL ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES, WATER DEPT TASC 146.14 TOTAL ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES, WATER DEPT TASC 146.14 Under Mayors report, Mayor Hatch shared that he had received a greeting letter from the new mayor of our sister city, Warrnambool, Australia. Also, he and the city manager have a VA update meeting this Thursday. Under City Managers report, City Manager Aaron Adams wanted to share his appreciation for the public works department for their efforts in plowing the streets after the recent snow fall. Police Chief Dan Losada stated that the first snow ordinance was put in to effect yesterday. Advised anyone that if they are wanting to be alerted to when snow ordinances are put in to effect that they may sign up for the text alerts through the police department. Fire Chief Jim Mitchell wanted to thank Knoxville Township, Pella Ambulance and Pleasantville Fire Department for their help with the recent fires. Assistant City Manager Heather Ussery advised that three of the five new Welcome to Knoxville signs are up and that we will be having the first website redesign meeting next Tuesday. Motion by Suhr; second by Lane to adjourn at 6:33 pm; all ayes. Brian Hatch, Mayor ATTEST: Jodi Bellon, City Clerk
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PostedFebruary 15, 2018