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MINUTES Regular Council Meeting Melcher-Dallas City Hall November 13, 2017 6:00 P.M. Mayor Barb VanWyk called the meeting to order at 6:15 P.M.Council members present: Jerry Alexander, Mark Herold, David Ernst, Terry Fisher, Brad Robbins arrived at 7:15. A motion was made by Fisher to approve the agenda with the change of moving the Golf Cart discussion to 3rd under the New Business. Seconded by Herold. Ayes: All. A motion was made by Fisher to approve the consent agenda consisting of approval of the October 5, 2017 Special Meeting and the October 9, 2017 minutes, approval of accounts payable in the amount of $61,353.38, and the approval of a renewal Liquor License and Sunday Sales Permit for CaseyÕs General Store. Seconded by Herold. Ayes: All SheriffÕs Report: Lieutenant Schuchhardt was present to answer any questions regarding the monthly law enforcement contract. Lieutenant Schuchhardt acknowledged the coverage that the Melcher Dallas PD is providing to help eliminate some of the hours the Marion County SheriffÕs office is patrolling the City. A member of the community requested an additional street light at 711 Jackson St. A request will be made to Mid American to install an additional light. Members of the community requested that something be done regarding the dogs that are allowed to run at large. They have become a threat to anyone walking or biking on the roads. They were asked to try to get a description and/or photos of the dogs to assist the City in identifying the owners so they may be notified regarding the ordinance on dogs within City limits. Gina Greubel, ThatÕs My Bag&More 117 SW Main Street, was present to discuss the cleanup of the building damaged in the July 4, 2017 fire. Her insurance company has released the money for the cleanup. Greubel Farms will begin the cleanup of the warehouse and Pekin Insurance will be in charge of the cleanup of the main building. The building will need to be tested for asbestos prior to the demolition. At this time there is no time frame of when it will begin or be completed. She requested to be added to the January 2018 agenda to advise the Council of the effort in the cleanup. She will be placed first on the agenda. Rick Hertz and Jennifer Frampton from South Central Iowa Solid Waste Agency were present to review the services they provide and the cost of these to the communities that use the services. They left informational brochures. Concerns regarding the operation of Golf Carts were discussed with feedback from the community that was present. No changes will be made to the current Ordinance. A motion was made by Fisher to approve the renewal for the Iowa GovernorÕs Traffic Safety Bureau Grant. Seconded by Ernst. Ayes: All A motion was made by Fisher to approve the renewal for the 2018 28E Agreement with the State of Iowa for the Tobacco Compliance Program. Seconded by Herold. Ayes: All A motion was made by Fisher to approve the Resolution entitled, ÒA Resolution Adopting the Annual Financial Report For The Year Ending June 30, 2017, For The City of Melcher-Dallas, IowaÓ. Seconded by Herold. Ayes: All. The above Resolution was approved and numbered 2017-99 A motion was made by Fisher to approve the Resolution entitled, Ó Resolution Certifying Mowing ServicesÓ. Seconded by Herold. Ayes: All The above Resolution was approved and numbered 2017-100 A motion was made by Fisher to approve the Resolution entitled, ÒResolution to Approve and Adopt the Iowa Offset Program Appeal Process PolicyÓ. Seconded by Herold. Ayes: All. The above Resolution was approved and numbered 2017-101. Interviews will be set up for Monday November 20, 2017 beginning at 6:00 P.M. for the part time maintenance position. Discussion on tree removal was tabled until the FY19 budget has been set. Discussion on a Franchise Fee on cable television services was tabled until more information can be obtained. No action was taken on the Noise Ordinance. A motion was made by Fisher to approve the refund of the $100.00 water deposit to Darrell Brown, 201 D Main. Seconded by Robbins. Ayes: All. Discussion on adopting the International Building Code was tabled until further information can be obtained. The report from Calhoun-Burns regarding the former library building at 101 NE Center St, was reviewed and action was tabled until the FY19 budget has been completed. A motion was made by Herold to approve the first reading of an Ordinance entitled, ÒAN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE CODE OF ORDINANCES OF THE CITY OF MELCHER-DALLAS. IOWA. BY AMENDING PROVISIONS PERTAINING TO FLOOD PLAIN MANAGEMENT. Seconded by Fisher. Ayes: All. A motion was made by Robbins to waive the second and third reading and adopt of the Ordinance entitled, ÒAN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE CODE OF ORDINANCES OF THE CITY OF MELCHER-DALLAS. IOWA. BY AMENDING PROVISIONS PERTAINING TO FLOOD PLAIN MANAGEMENTÓ. Seconded by Fisher. Ayes: All The above Ordinance was adopted and numbered 148. Council agreed that the previous abatement process for the property at 306 NE 3rd ST be restarted. Employee Health Insurance has been tabled until the FY19 Budget has been completed. A motion was made by Fisher to approve and pay the bill for the repair of the backhoe, owned by Kyle Phillips, used fighting the fire on the square July 4, 2017. Seconded by Herold. Ayes: All. Gary Comer advised the Council that the Soft Start has been replaced on the Water Tower and it was under warranty. This is what caused the water being changed to Rural Water for a weekend. Gary also indicated that the new merry-go-round will not be installed until spring. It is too large to put together inside the shop and will need to be built in the park and then installed. The old merry-go-round will also need to be removed at that time. Also discussed was that the paving company ground off two water shut offs when they resurfaced 60th Ave. Gary will discuss with the Marion County Engineer payment for the replacement of the shutoffs. Police Chief Steve Johns stated that the new computer system for the police car is almost ready to be mounted. They are waiting on the bar mount and the power converter from Racom. Estimated cost is $350.00 to $400.00. Once the computer is installed and approved by the Dept. of Transportation they will begin to use the TraCS software to write reports, issue citations, warnings, etc. This will also allow them to check with the Department of Public Safety to run names, license plates, etc. Fire Chief Zack Kalvig was present and reported that other than the rescue calls things have been quiet. Bob Warrick reported that the library is purchasing a new printer as the current one is unable to be repaired. Brad Robbins also discussed that during the meeting with the Library Board it was brought up that Lori has CEU hours that she needs to complete. Brad advised her to have Fran Smith work during the time Lori is taking her courses. It is approximately 30 hours. Mayor Van Wyk asked the Maintenance Department if the book listing the items that needed to be reviewed and completed was helping to track what was to be done with the response being that it is beneficial. Councilman Fisher brought up the issue of stumps of trees the City has removed. A citizen had a neighbor remove the stump and was charged to do so. The City at this time does not reimburse for this expense. He also requested an update on moving the School Crossing on D. Main for the elementary students. It was discussed the best place to move the crosswalk is west of the current location. He also brought up that the City needs to start a campaign to clean up properties in February or March. City Clerk Anderson brought up that she had spoken to City Attorney, Bob Stuyvesant, regarding dilapidated properties. He advised that the City can file a lawsuit against the property owners and if the Court finds in favor of the City, the City will be given ownership of the property without obligation to pay any outstanding liens. The cost to do this would be approximately $1,500.00 each. She will also enroll Council Member Elect Chris Heaton in the December 9, 2017 Municipal Leadership Academy for new City Officials. The City has also received the final NPDES permit for the discharge of wastewater. A motion was made by Robbins to adjourn at 8:30 P.M. Seconded by Fisher. Ayes: All. US CELLULAR 54.16 WINDSTREAM 764.81 MIDAMERICAN, 5122030010 3,528.36 CASEY'S GENERAL STORE, Oct-17 510.82 SOUTH CENTRAL COOP, ACCT 14170 931.62 D&S GROCERY 58.24 MCCORKLE HARDWARE 187.59 ACCO, LIQUID CHLORINATING SOLUTION 362 IOWA ONE CALL, LOCATES 29.7 GARDEN&ASSOCIATES, SANITARY SEWER PLAN 1,255.96 MUNICIPAL SUPPLY, FLANGE, BUTTERGLY VALVE MTR CP 421.06 TREASURER STATE -WITHHOLD, STATE TAXES 969.21 IPERS, IPERS 3,907.76 IOWA WORKFORDE DEVELOPMEN 281.73 KEYSTONE LABORATORIES, CBOD 521 CR SERVICES, SUPPLIES 204.89 MARION COUNTY RURAL WATER 75 MASON'S SERVICE, OIL CHANGE POLICE 68.74 BRUENING ROCK PRODUCTS 697.25 UNITED STATES POST OFFICE, STAMPS 268 CARPENTER UNIFORM, UNIFORM ACCESSORIES 155.96 CONTINENTAL RESEARCH CORP, MELT AWAY AND SLIK 806.5 ICAP, ADD COVERAGE 191.47 IOWA STATE SAVINGS BANK, FED/FICA TAX 6,066.32 IMWCA, WORK COMP INSTALLMENT 2,362.00 DATA TECHNOLOGIES, INC., SUMMIT LICENSE FEE 4,132.62 SPAHN&ROSE LUMBER, BRIDGE REPAIR 117.64 MD FIRE DEPARTMENT, BUNKER GEAR 3,500.00 IOWA RURAL WATER ASSOC., ANNUAL DUES 275 IOWA LEAGUE OF CITIES, BUDGET WORKSHOP 175 OSKALOOSA HERALD 471.85 MIKE DAMON, HOT SPOT 45 AMAZON 507.07 CITY OF MELCHER-DALLAS, 1179001 573.55 METZ MACHINING&REPAIR, REPAIR GRABBLE TEETH 60 MARION COUNTY SHERIFFS, Oct-17 4,577.00 ADAM WADLE, JIM RODGERS 1,895.00 VANWALL EQUIPMENT, TRACTOR 1,798.22 DEB CAIKOSKI, OCTOBER WEBSITE 70 GARY COMER, ALUMINUM 220 MIDWEST SANITATION, Recycling 59.5 STEVE JOHNS 62.22 RYUN, RUTH, 56.71 IAWEA, MIKE DAM0N 90 MIKE HOCH, MILEAGE 90.63 MARION CO HUMANE SOCIETY, SEPT 2017 6 ANIMALS 557 ELECTRONIC APPLICATIONS O, 6 PAGERS 2,982.12 KAREN J ANDERSON, DATA TECH TRAINING 39.59 VISA-KAREN, LATE FEE INTEREST 22.27 TAMARA CAMPOS, ANIMAL CONTROL 619 ACCESS, copier lease 89.2 COMER ROOFING, GAZEBO AND SHELTER HOUSE 6,620.00 HAYNEEDLE, MERRY GO ROUND 6,447.00 CLAIMS TOTAL 60,833.34 GENERAL FUND 37,801.78 LIBRARY FUND 1,580.61 ROAD USE TAX FUND 5,076.96 EMPLOYEE BENEFITS FUND 1,652.29 WATER FUND 8,073.03 SEWER FUND 6,648.67
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