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Minutes of Meeting Twin Cedars Board of Directors November 13, 2017 5:00 PM The regular meeting of the Twin Cedars Board of Directors was held on the above date. President Kelly Carlson called the meeting to order at 5:00 PM. Director Paul Haselhuhn , Director Ashlee Carlson, Director Heather Dunkin and Director Stephanie Sterner were in attendance. A motion was made by Director A Carlson and supported by Director Dunkin to approve the agenda as presented.Ê The motion carried unanimously. A motion was made by Director Dunkin and supported by Director Haselhuhn to approve the October 9, 2017, regular meeting minutes as presented. The motion carried unanimously. Financial reports were reviewed and filed for audit. A motion was made by Director Haselhuhn and supported by Director A Carlson to approve the bills as presented.Ê The motion carried unanimously. Communications Director Dunkin and Director A. Carlson gave an update on the Wellness Meeting follow up. There was an agreement that the salad bar has been a good addition to the lunch program. Recess was also talked about for the elementary students. Recess cannot be taken away as a punishment for students. Recess can be used to help students catch up on missing work as long as a parent has signed the permission slip to do so. Administration Reports Mrs. Roby shared that the junior class had taken the NCRC test last week. ACT Aspire was given to the sophomores last week. Five staff members attended the Iowa Conference on Mental Health in October. A national speaker will be coming to Twin Cedars in August to share strategies for working with behavior/mental health issues. SIPT met earlier and reviewed course enrollment. It was noted that the CTE course enrollment was down. This is attributed to smaller class size and block scheduling. Mr. Roby said all winter sports are now underway. The Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner will be December 6th. State Dance competition is November 30th. Winter Christmas concert is scheduled for December 11th. He thought the first night of conferences at the high school was well attended but the second night did not have a good turnout. The seniors attended the trap shooting a couple of weeks ago for their lifetime learning. National Honor Society had their Induction Ceremony. Devon Cannon, Hunter McCombs, Ainsley Dunkin, Hailey Hull, Daniel Beary, Alexis Crozier and Zach Peterson were the new members this year. Mr. Roby also shared the Heartland AEA spotlight that featured Twin Cedars. This article discussed the multi-faceted approach that Twin Cedars is using to increase literacy outcomes. Mrs. Roby gave credit for teachers for being on board with the changes that have been made to help this process. Mr. VanderSluis said the elementary had a good turnout for the 1st quarter conferences. The VeteranÕs Day celebration was held on November 10th. Christmas concert for the elementary is December 11th at 6:00. The snow date for the concert is December 19th. School will be dismissed early on Tuesday, November 21 for Thanksgiving break. The new Record Boards will be here this week. Oskaloosa maintenance will be installing these. New Business Board Policies were reviewed. The entire 100s, 200s, and the group needed for the desk audit were all discussed. Mr. VanderSluis also shared that there were additional policies that Twin Cedars doesnÕt currently have that we thought needed to be added. These were looked at for 1st readings. The roof between the new part of the elementary and the gym has the original roof on it. There have been some leaks needing repairs so Mr. VanderSluis looked into getting quotes for replacing this roof. Hopkins and Cowan Roofing, Inc. gave quotes that were included in the board packet. Mr. VanderSluis also talked about getting quotes for a security system. This would replace the locks with a keycard entry. He will share the quotes once they are received so discussions can take place to see what direction the district wants to head with this. Mr. VanderSluis updated the board with the information that he found out from the bus route app that was discussed at the last board meeting. He thought the price was too high for what Twin Cedars would use. He suggested getting a Garmin and program that and see how it could work for getting route information for a substitute driver. Action Items A motion was made by Director A.Carlson and supported by Director Dunkin to approve SBRC Open Enrollment Allowable Growth Request as presented for $53,387. The motion carried unanimously. A motion was made by Director Sterner and supported by Director Haselhuhn to approve the board policies for the Series 100, Series 200 and desk audit policies as presented. The motion carried unanimously. A motion was made by Director Haselhuhn and supported by Director A. Carlson to accept the bid from Hopkins roofing for the $61,500 pending information from MidAmerican on a potential rebate. The motion carried unanimously. Announcements The next board meeting will be Tuesday, December 12th at 5:00. Director Ashlee Carlson brought up a concern that a recent threat situation was not handled appropriately by administration. Administration acknowledged a procedural problem and has taken measures to correct the problem should similar incidents take place in the future. Adjourn A motion was made by Director A Carlson and supported by Director Dunkin to adjourn the meeting at 7:05 PM. The motion carried unanimously. Board President Board Secretary Board Bills November 13, 2017 AccuTrain, Seminar $372.00 Agriland FS, Inc., Gas, diesel $3,301.61 Airgas USA, LLC, Industrial Tech supplies $1,357.86 Amazon Capital Services, Ag and Office supplies $649.99 American Time, Clocks $895.72 Anderson's, Supplies $288.04 Auto Jet Muffler, Parts, muffler $659.46 Mark Bacus, Reimburse for expense $94.00 Baron Services, Bandwidth fee $13.00 Bill&Ray's, Fan, sensor replacement $1,009.03 Bussey Water, Water bill $500.13 Central Iowa Distributing, Janitorial supplies $230.25 Michelle Clayton, Physical reimbursement $105.00 Dannco, Physical education supplies $15.60 Des Moines Stamp, Office supplies $71.55 DMACC, Bus classes $600.00 Dramatic Publishing, Scripts $339.20 Engle Enterprises, Body work on bus $2,397.23 Excel Mechanical Co., Inc., A/C repair $340.00 Faller, Kincheloe&Co., PLC, Audit services $4,192.70 Falvey Lumber, Supplies $3.03 Flinn Scientific, HS Science supplies $381.18 Great Prairie AEA, Class supplies $82.89 Cory Greenwood, HS speaker services $200.00 Patty Groenenboom, Reimburse physical balance due $30.00 Harrison Truck Centers, Parts $96.61 Hawkeye Exterminators, October pest control $90.00 Heartland AEA, Class registrations $748.00 Hillyard, Janitorial supplies $484.91 Hoglund Bus Co., Supplies $1,434.14 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publ., Textbooks $167.70 IASB, Schoolboard workshop $300.00 Iowa Communications Network, ICN October 2017 $213.15 Iowa Dept of Human Services, IMED Billing Sept 2017 $1,046.35 Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, Fingerprint checks $26.00 ISFIS, Background checks $282.00 JW Pepper, Music supplies $319.68 K and B Tire, Ltd., Tires $763.00 Kabel Business Services, Nov timeclock, partic. Fees $387.50 Katy-Dids, FCS, Spec Ed supplies $47.40 Beth Kelderman, Reimburse for expense $29.59 Kelly Supply, Supplies $94.56 KNIA/KRLS, Ads $228.60 Koch Brothers, Staples, rental, copies $4,300.94 Knoxville Farm&Home, Supplies $106.17 Learning Post of Iowa, Elementary supplies $68.35 Marion County Auditor, Board election costs $2,164.24 Marion County Rural Water, Water bill $24.45 Marion County Sportsmen Club, Rental $250.00 Martin Brothers, Preschool supplies $262.41 Mastercard, Supplies, travel expense $549.25 Mauer Supply, Inc., Supplies $30.00 McGraw Hill, Reading supplies $1,238.28 Larry McMulin, Reimburse for expense $10.00 Menards, Industrial Tech supplies, $738.82 MidAmerican Energy, Electric $3,322.71 Midwest Alarm Services, Service call $256.74 Motor Inn of Knoxville, Car body repair $1,978.65 NAAE, VoAg supplies, certification $2,058.00 O'Halloran, Parts $59.65 O'Reilly Auto, Parts $181.47 Orton Gillingham Online Academy, Online training/teacher $595.00 Oskaloosa Herald, Ads Bus Drivers/Minutes/Bills $480.90 Panther Marching Band, Registrations $50.00 Pizza Ranch, Supplies for conference $96.00 Positive Promotions, Inc., Red Ribbon Week supplies $737.81 Power Distributors LLC, Industrial Tech supplies $40.65 The Reading Warehouse, Library supplies $196.68 Dave Roby, Mileage reimbursment $44.00 Kim Roby, Mileage reimbursment $196.24 Romar Auto Parts, Brake rotors, supplies $75.12 SCISWA, Waste disposal $28.87 School Specialty, HS Office supplies $96.16 Shoutpoint, Inc., Message service $690.00 Lex Sparks, Mileage reimbursment $46.20 State Bank of Bussey, Wire fee $25.00 Supreme School Supply, Supplies $318.31 Julie Sytsma, Mileage reimbursment $17.73 Thomas Bus Sales, Inc., Supplies, switch $636.84 United States Post Office, Newsletter, postage $100.00 US Cellular, Cellphones $79.99 Brian VanderSluis, Cellphone reimbursement July-Dec. $300.00 Walmart, Special ed, elementary supplies $426.06 Wards's Science, Vo Ag supplies $34.16 Waste Management, Waste disposal $567.33 Windstream, Telephones $649.56 TOTAL $49,017.40 LOCAL OPTION SALES TAX FUND Extreme Concrete, Balance/ retainage parking lot project $20,590.00 Sportboards, Record boards $7,305.00 TOTAL $27,895.00 Bills for Board Approval Activity Fund -November 13, 2017 Mahaska, Elem./H.S. pop/ gatorade $1,088.70 Iowa State Drill Team Association, State Dance fees $1,274.00 Walmart, NHS/Sr. field trip expenses $83.97 IHSAA, Student Leadership Conference $245.00 Raemakers, Student Council t-shirts $143.38 Bobs Custom Trophy, Cross Country medal $7.50 Bobs Custom Trophy, Student plaque $75.00 Murray CSD, JVVB tourn. Entry fee $60.00 Great American, Class of 2019 fundraiser $576.00 MasterCard, Football/JH CC expenses $853.25 Scholastic Book Fair, Elem. Book Fair $1,864.15 TC General Fund, Payment for VB/FB workers $507.13 Total $6,778.08 Activity Account Board bill additions November 13, 2017 HyVee, Homecoming flowers $61.50 Total $61.50 Nutrition Bills November 13, 2017 Anderson Erickson Dairy, Milk $2,076.79 Culligan, Rental $42.95 Excel Mechanical Co., Walk-in freezer repair $369.00 Falvey Lumber&Hardware, Supplies for roofing $865.37 Heartland, Menu planning training $675.00 Katy-Dids, Food $84.57 Loffredo, Food $1,728.24 Martin Brothers, Food and supplies $11,557.39 Pella Community School, Salad deck $75.00 Spahn and Rose, Supplies for roofing $47.96
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