IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT IN AND FOR MARION COUNTY UPON THE MATTER OF GARY SMITH, DECEASED CASE NO. ESPR042764 PETITION FOR ADMINISTRATION AND APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR STATE OF IOWA COUNTY OF MARION The undersigned, first being duly sworn, does state as follows: 1. Gary Smith died in Knoxville, Iowa on February 21, 2017. At the time of death, decedent was domiciled in and was a resident of Knoxville, Marion County, Iowa. Decedent, at the time of his death or afterward, had property in this county subject to administration. Said decedent left no spouse and no heirs at law. 2. The undersigned is President of Bybee&Davis Funeral Home, Inc., which is a creditor of the decedent by virtue of funeral expenses incurred on behalf of decedent. 3. The undersigned petitions that Raymond Bertrand, a qualified person, whose address is 301 N. 2nd St, Knoxville, Iowa 50138, be appointed administrator of said estate. 4. The undersigned reasonably estimates the total value of the estate is $4,000.00 - $10,000.00, but is not certain of the full value of the estate. 5. The undersigned personally knows that the statements made here are true as Petitioner verily believes. WHEREFORE the undersigned prays that this Affidavit be treated as a Petition of Administration and Appointment of Administrator with appropriate Orders issued accordingly. I certify under penalty of perjury and pursuant of the laws of the State of Iowa that the preceding is true and correct. Raymond Bertrand, President Bybee and Davis Funeral Home, Inc. Subscribed and sworn before me on this 25th day of April, 2017 by Raymond Bertrand as President of Bybee and Davis Funeral Home, Inc. Jaci Nunnikhoven Notary Signature
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PostedJune 08, 2017